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Why we pay attention to the museum light?

         In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the pursuit of spiritual culture becomes more, and visit the museum of history and culture is becoming a way of learning.  


Fig1:Suzhou Museum

Museum functions

    1:Heritage collection and Storage

       Heritage collection and storage is the basic function of a museum.

    2:Heritage protection and Research

       Heritage protection and research are the heritage's repair, conservation and research analysis, the purpose is to learn about history and retain history.

    3:Education and Appreciate

      Education and Appreciate  is through show  heritage exhibits to the audiences, so that let people know about the history, folklore and culture.


      For the above several museum functions we come to discuss what kind of light the museum lighting needs.


Fig2:NingBoBang Musem

what kind of light the museum lighting needs?

      Museum store a lot of exhibits, through regular exhibitions open to the audience. In the process of the  exhibitionsthe role of lighting is very important, on the one hand,it needs to be fully comprehensive display exhibits,on the other hand , it can not damage exhibits.

      However, how to do it?

      Follow three kinds of light: infrared, ultraviolet and visible light

Fig3:China Film Museum

       During heritage show, visible light is what we need, others are not needed, however, both natural light and artificial light including many unwanted and harmful light, such as ultraviolet light, infrared light...



      Infrared light irradiate on the product, can cause the product become brittle or split,so it is harmful.

      Treatment ultraviolet and infrared light is very simple, with filters can be filtered. Of course, if it is a low color temperature of the LED light source, substantially free of  ultraviolet and infrared light, you need do nothing.

       However, if dispose of infrared light and ultraviolet light, do  exhibits safe and no hurt? 

       The answer is no!

       In addition to infrared light and ultraviolet light,we also need to pay attention to visible radiation, because it do damage to the exhibits too.

       First, many artifacts are "die in the spotlight", in particular light-sensitive Heritage,Including silk, cotton, embroidery, books, mural, painted sculpture, Leather, specimen...


Fig5: Light requirements of light-sensitive Heritage

       Second,  we will gradually discover  certain harmful ingredients in spectrum with further research, such as the recent hotspots Blu-ray hazards.

      <Standard for Lighting Design of Buildings>(GB50034-2013),<Standard for Museum Lighting Design>(GB/T 23863-2009). 

      Above  two files used long lengths to explain the illuminance limits of three exhibits.

      In summary,museum exhibits have high demand for lighting!